the creative whatnots of 

Past The Shadows....

Diane Kauionalani Olson (Nickerson)

About me   

- Native Hawaiian, Austin/Houston-area based, self-taught artist.  ( every artist learns from everything and everyone around us, many thank yous and much love to all those who have crossed my path.)

I see it... I live it... I feel it... I paint it...that's it. It's almost three decades of just doing something that comes as natural as eating or breathing.  It's me trying to visually convert emotions... and hoping to make a small connection between us.

- Preferred medium: Oil on canvas

- "Art" ...has not a damn thing to do with credentials, awards, contests, who we know, who we're affiliated with or what we've done.  It's only about what's staring you in the face ...what it means you it affects ...from me.  My meanings or intentions are important to creating, but secondary to how the work is interpreted. 

- 'I have grown up outside the pale of duty and oughts. Love me as I am, sweet one, for I shall never be better.' -Elizabeth Gaskell, Wives & Daughters

- On a final note a painter success/failure/happiness is not in any way related to fame or money.  I'm here to observe/live/breathe/create, I'll probably die broke, broken, alone ...and content... 

- 'people are equally wretched everywhere' - Voltaire, Candide

- 'I am what I am and that's all that I am.' -Popeye

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